Fiber weekend

What a great weekend! I took off work on Friday, and went to the North Country Spinners meeting. There were a lot of people there, and the program was on toe-up socks. I had a bit of difficulty getting the hang of starting it (can you say 4 times?), but eventually it clicked. I don’t have anything to show because I frogged it when I got home – I’ll try them again, but I wanted to finish the socks I have on the needles, and I wasn’t thrilled with the yarn I chose. The meeting was fun; a lot of people there of all ages. I didn’t stay for the whole meeting, but I did join the guild, and do plan on going again when I can take off work since meetings are during the day.

Yesterday, it was all about spinning and knitting. Months ago, I had started to spin some Medium Coopworth that I purchased from Copper Moose last January. This was my “learning” fiber, and I decided to finish it yesterday. I then plied it together. I think this is about 150 yards, bulky weight (so much for thinking it would be DK!), and it looks pretty homespun (or is that rustic?). I don’t think its the best, but I’m fond of it as its the first “real” yarn I’ve spun. I spun it on my Kromski Minstrel, and I’m hoping to make a scarf (or something) with it. Forgive the green ties – I had some leftover Koigu, and it was the first thing I grabbed to tie this off.

Looking at this yarn, and what I’m spinning now, I can see that I’m already spinning much better, and more consistently. I was really getting the hang with plying though, and this wasn’t overtwisted too badly.

I also finished the first sock of the Slip Stich Rib from Sensational Knited Socks, and cast on for the second. I’m using the Soft Touch Heather from Sheldridge Farms that I picked up in Maryland. Easy and mindless pattern, but I like the way it looks.

I also worked on the shawl, but won’t post pictures because it looks like the same thing just bigger. I also spent a bit of time spinning – I’m hoping to finish this batch by next weekend.

Last year, I bought some white sock yarn from Blue Ridge Yarns (I think they changed their name to Misty Mountain Farms) at Maryland. don’t wear white socks so it sat in my stash all year – I forget why I bought it. Although I’ve sworn that I have no interest in dyeing, I decided to die this yarn to see how it works. I love it. I want to go out and buy a bunch of white yarn now and dye it!

So I started with this:

I took 5 packets of Cherry Kool-Aid, and added the yarn. I dyed according to the directions on – very easy.

I added more water, and cooked it in the microwave for a total of four minutes. Amazing….at the end, the water was pretty clear.

I let it cool (well, not too much because I couldn’t wait to see how it was after rinsing!), and washed/rinsed it….amazing! My boring white yarn is now a very bright red! It isn’t a consistent color – some parts are definitely lighter. I didn’t stir it at all so the yarn on the bottom is much darker. I think I’m ok with that – I think it will make it interesting.

The yarn is hanging outside right now drying; I need to re-skein it because the ties broke, and then I’ll take a picture. I really enjoyed dyeing – I may just try this again. Next time I’ll try to do multiple colors. I need to do some searching on the ‘Net and see what people use to dye yarn. I’m not sure that I’d want to limit myself to Kool-Aid (although it was very easy!)

I think this red yarn will be what I’m going to knit with next. Or maybe the Coopworth…or the blue/green I’m spinning now. Sigh….just too much to knit, and not enough time to do it!

I had a wonderful weekend; I feel completely re-charged. Work has been somewhat difficult lately, but taking three days to do things I love has relaxed me, and allowed me to de-stress. I think that’s why I enjoy knitting and spinning (and dyeing?) so much – there is nothing that I do that allows me to let go of everything that’s stressing me out and just relax the way these hobbies do.


One Response to Fiber weekend

  1. lobstah says:

    The dye job came out so pretty! Much better than plain old white.

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