Loot from Maryland

Last time I mentioned that what I mostly bought in Maryland was spinning related. When I got home on Saturday, I put everything away in my baskets. I pulled it out tonight, and was surprised at how much I got (apparently I really do have a short term memory problem!). So without further ado, here is my spinning stash from Maryland.

This is called “Painted Roving” (no idea what it is) from The Drafting Zone in Bowie, MD (no website that I can find). I started to spin it first because a) it looked fairly easy and b) I didn’t spend a lot so if I messed up on the new wheel, it wouldn’t kill me. But I love it! I think I’m spinning fairly well on the Lendrum, and I’m enjoying this roving. I thought it would be more stripey and I’d have to Navajo ply it, but I think it will just be a soft varigated and I can probably just ply it normally. I’m just about 2/3 of the way through spinning it.

OK, next up….

This is Merino Top (blue) and Merino Tencel Top (red) that I bought from Stony Mountain Fibers. Its about 4 oz for each. Its so soft. I’m not sure how it will spin up, or what I’m going to do with it, but I just couldn’t resist it.

Next I have a 70%Merino/30% silk blend from The Drafting Zone; I thought this would make Larry something nice. Its about 4 oz’s. Its very nice – greys, reds and white. Very guy-ish.

So that’s just about half of what I bought! Yes, I have 5 other things….I think this post is already long, so I’ll post about the rest later. I must say – the rest is really nice, and I can’t wait to spin it.

OK, well, how about one more? This is what I’m really excited about buying. This is my straight off the sheep fleece:

I haven’t washed it yet – when I opened it to take the picture….whew! That’s one smelly fleece! Brought me right back to Maryland. I think I’m going to wash it this weekend, and see how it comes out. I also bought a set of hand carders at Maryland just for this fleece; I learned how to do it during my spinning lessons, so we’ll see how much I remember.

On the knitting front: still working on my shawl, and making good progress. I started a pair of Sixth Sense socks from the 6 Sox knitalong, but just didn’t like the pattern. Maybe it was the yarn, but it seemed that I was making a lot of fiddly stitches for no real purpose. I frogged them. I started a new pair using some of the yarn I bought in Maryland and a pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. I’m too lazy to dig them out of my briefcase for a picture, but should be done with the first one by Friday, so pictures then.

I’m also taking Friday off work to go to the North County Spinner’s meeting – they are having a lesson on toe-up socks. Very excited. I’d take a day off work for any reason at this point, but doing so to spend the day knitting and meeting new people is great.

OK, this really is a long post…but I just found out my Mother reads my blog. I was surprised, but really pleased (well, pleased until I remembered that I commented on her Mother’s day gift and showed pictures!). Hi Mom! My Mother has been knitting forever, and is an amazing knitter. She’s such an inspriration to me, and I’m so glad she got me knitting (finally, eh, Mom?). She lives far away from me but is visiting in June, and I’m looking forward to seeing her…and maybe talking her into visiting some yarn stores.


2 Responses to Loot from Maryland

  1. lobstah says:

    That is some beautiful fiber! The straight-off-the-sheep fleece should be a real adventure. It will be neat to knit something using yarn you made from start to finish (well except for actually growing it, ha ha.)

  2. Such pretty fiber. Now I want to spin spin spin!

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