Bad dog …long morning….

This morning has been one of those mornings…got a call at 6:00 a.m. that my oldest son was in the emergency room and they thought he might have fractured his spine. I flew to the hospital, and he is ok. He bruised his spine – he’s in a bit of pain, but will be ok. He’s home right now, but should be back to semi-normal in a day or two. Whew! That was the longest drive of my life – although I’ve never made my house to Morristown in 40 minutes! Good thing it was early and the police weren’t out yet!

So I was home by 8:30. Larry made breakfast, and while he did, I worked on my rib and cable sock. Breakfast was ready….so I put my sock on the end table. Yes, although Frisky the puppy has shown some interest in my knitting, I put the sock on the end table. After breakfast, I went to the grocery store. Came home to the words “um, you are going to be mad….”. Ugh. Frisky decided that he was going to see what those sticks and string was all about.

The yarn is ruined; this is the second sock, and I just don’t want to even try to get it clean – dog slime and dog fur everywhere. I put the first sock away in my sock stash bin, and I”ll look for more yarn eventually to finish it. He also ate all the ends on my #1 DPN’s. Ugh. Stupid dog. Stupid me for leaving them out.

OK, on to more pleasant things. We went to Maryland Sheep and Wool yesterday – had a great time. The weather was beautiful, and there was so much there. Today I’ll show you my yarn purchases. I didn’t get a lot – more roving and fleece this year. The festival was packed; some stalls were impossible to get in. We went through everything, and then went back to a couple of ones I just couldn’t get into earlier.

OK, this is the sock yarn I bought…(I bought two skeins of each but only took a picture of one)….left to right – Soft Touch Ultra and Soft Touch Heather from Sheldridge Farms, Koigu and Louet Gems Pearl from The Yarn Barn. The Softouch Ultra and Koigu is a Mother’s Day gift for my Mother (hope she likes them!). The green yarn is sock yarn from Spirit Trail Fiberworks – its just gorgeous.

I also bought some special yarn to make Larry a pair of socks…..after all, since he’s nice enough to come to Maryland with me, answer at least 100 times “yeah, that’s really nice yarn/roving/fleece” and pretend to really be interested, then he really does deserve cashmere socks!

This is a 45% cashmere, 55% silk from Jade Sapphire. I bought it at the Yarn Barn. Its so soft – I just want to carry it around with me all day. Its not as bright as it appears in the picture; its more varigated from light to dark. Yum…..

So it really doesn’t look like I did a major yarn haul. I didn’t get any lace weight to make my sister the Fibertrends Flower Basket shawl….not that there wasn’t a ton of yarn, but I forgot the pattern and had no idea of how much I needed. I fell in love with the Harmony yarn at Brooks Farm but the line was incredibly long – longer than the food lines. It was towards the end of the day, and I just didn’t want to wait. This is a DK weight, but the pattern is written for multiple guages so it should work. I’ll probably just buy it online once I finish my other shawl (by the way, a 3 hour car ride really allows me to get a lot of knitting done – I got a lot of the shawl done!).

I did buy more roving than yarn this year; but I did make a major purchase! I bought this…

Its a Lendrum….I’m so excited! I bought it from The Mannings, and I must say – what a nice experience it was. They also had an Ashford Traveler, but Tom was very helpful in helping me decide. He also spent some time explaining how to clean the fleece I bought. This store is about 3 hours away from me; they are having a spinning seminar on June 10 – I just might make the trip. I also bought some hand carders for the fleece I bought. Poor Larry – I had him assembling it the minute we got home. I haven’t spun yet because I know that as soon as I start, I won’t want to do any of the chores I have to do today (its bad enough I’m procrastinating to blog).

So that’s the first part of my Maryland purchases…next time I’ll show the roving and fleece – I’m very excited about the different fibers I purchased.

Does he look sorry to you? To me he looks like “mmmm…that was fun, and those DPN’s were delicious and so crunchy! I should find more!”


4 Responses to Bad dog …long morning….

  1. lobstah says:

    Oh no, that is horrible! I bet you are wishing you could just go back in time and put that knitting away. Oh well, what’s done is done. I don’t think Frisky looks too guilty about it!

    Gorgeous purchases from the festival!

  2. lindab says:

    Awesome weekend! Sooo happy you & Larry had such a great time at the festival…well, maybe for Larry it was more vicarious 🙂 Love, love, love those yarns you chose! & your new wheel? WOW! I’ll be checking back to see your roving,e tc. oh yes, about those damaged dpns…some were bent, as I recall, so I do believe MsJeanne deserves & can use new ones! Shopping for tools & supplies, yum!

  3. He looks like he’s saying “I really shouldn’t have done that but gosh it was fun!”

    But you have my condolences. I used to have a cat like that, luckily mine all know not to incur the wrath of ~ Opal ~ *g*

  4. Anonymous says:

    No, he does not look sorry, but he sure looks cute!

    –J (known as “the fair JoAnne” on Martha’s blog,

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