Meet Frisky

My daughter volunteers at Common Sense for Animals which is a local, no-kill animal shelter. She works there every Sunday morning cleaning cages, brushing cats and generally doing what she can to help the animals there. Last Saturday she asked us if she could foster a puppy. He had come in the week before, and she wanted to help him. After hearing his story, we had to agree.

This is Frisky (not the best dog name, but what can you do?). He’s four months old, born on my wedding anniversary (12/23). I think he’s a Lab/Shephard mix. He was born to a dog that the shelter rescued from a kill shelter in another state. Not sure how many puppies she had – but at least 3. Frisky was adopted, but his owners brought him back because he wasn’t housebroken (not sure that thinking a puppy comes housebroken is showing a lot of familiarity with dogs!). But Frisky is being fostered, rather than adopted, because he has an enlarged heart. Both of his siblings have already died, and there is no chance he will get better. Cieara wanted to give him a loving home for the time he has left. He is really the sweetest little dog; he loves snuggling (and licking which I can do without). He loves playing with our other dogs, and has shown great interest in the cats (after all, what’s more fun than a running cat?). Cieara is taking very good care of him, and I worry that we will all become attached to him. We don’t know how long he has, but are trying to make sure he is spoiled rotten while we can. He plays a lot, but when he’s tired, he’s tired!

By the way, the shelter has lots of animals available for adoption! Check out their site. And if you can’t adopt, but live in the area, they are always looking for donations of food, blankets or toys. They do really good work, and its heartbreaking to see all the animals waiting for a home.

On the knitting front – finished the fair isle socks – finally! They are going to a friend (since they didn’t fit me). This is my first pair with a short row heel – not sure I really like it. Hate the way they stick out, and they feel lumpy. I’m not sure if its my knitting or the pattern, so I’ll try another pattern for the short row heel and see if the same thing happens.

Pattern: Knit Picks Fair Isle
Yarn: Knit Picks Essential (Blank) and Simple Stripes (Sweet Tarts)
Needle Size: 2
Started: 4/7/06
Finished: 4/30/06


6 Responses to Meet Frisky

  1. kitkatknit says:

    Give Frisky a big hug and snuggle from the KitKatKnit household!! What a good puppie!

  2. Linda B(NWNJ Knitters) says:

    Cieara is #1 in my book! Brava young lady for all that you are doing to help Frisky. What a good life he’s having thanks to you!
    And to Cieara’s Mom…oh girl I wish you hadn’t frogged that lovely shawl!! You are a bit of a perfectionist aren’t you? Guess I’m just envious of your beautiful work 🙂 Stitch on, Linda

  3. Agnes says:

    Your daughter, and your family too, has such a good heart. I am a human born with a heart problem and the doctors were not sure how long I could live at the time … but here I am now at 42! Frisky looks like he is a good companion … and no matter how long he has, he deserves to have a good life. Thanks for sharing his story.

  4. lobstah says:

    Cheers to you and Cieara for doing such a wonderful deed! Frisky sure looks like a happy lazy dog there.

    If I had more room I would probably adopt about 5 kitties (yes I am a crazy cat lady in the making).

    Fair isle socks are beautiful. Maybe the heel must sticks out because it is not done in two colors and the rest of the sock is?

  5. Jeanne says:

    Lobstah – I actually have 4 cats…and try not to go in the shelter too often because I’m always tempted to bring home one more. I’m not sure why the heels stick out so much – you could be right on it being one color. But my friend liked them, so I guess all is well!

  6. Your daughter is amazing and your family is so special for taking in Frisky. I volunteer at my local shelter and it is really tough work so I am so happy to hear when others donate their time, money, or homes. You brought a smile to my face today!–>

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