I’ve been working on the shawl all week when I can, and I’m making some progress. Now that I “get” the pattern, its actually sort of easy. I also realized that I can’t do knitting like this when I’m tired – I’m sure if you look closely, you’ll find a couple of mistakes. I thought about ripping it out (I don’t think I can rip back a couple of rows on this and pick up the stiches succesfully), but then I decided a few mistakes are ok….nothing is perfect! I like the pattern, and its helped build my confidence up a bit. Next pattern will be a bit more challenging. But I like doing lace, and its really exciting to see it come along.

I got up this morning, and decided that I really need to finish my current socks-on-needles. I am on the second sock of both projects, and need to finish and cast on for my Spring Feet Sock Swap (part of the SYAC knitalong). I need to send these out by 6/1, so I need to get going. I’m thinking of doing the Sixth Sense pattern from the 6 Sox Knitalong – sort of combine both to save time! Not sure of the yarn yet – need to check the stash. I worked on my Fair Isle socks this morning – two more patterns and I’m done – should be able to finish this today.

Finally, I received a package in the mail yesterday:

Gotta love Elann! Great price, great yarn! This is Schachenmayr Lipomo to make a Sleevless Summer Tunic. I like the pattern, and the yarn is really nice. Its Sea Blue, and is light and dark blues.
It was very tempting last night and this morning to start this, but I know if I do, I’ll never finish the shawl in time to give it. So I resisted temptation and put it away. I’ll start it once I finish the shawl so I can wear it this summer. What a nice way to start my weekend, though!

Enjoy the weekend!


One Response to Progress

  1. The shawl is looking wonderful! 🙂

    The Fair Isle socks are yummy. I’m envious… I hope to get that pattern myself someday.

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