As I’ve posted before, I want to make a shawl for someone….but was having a really hard time with any pattern and any yarn I tried. I cast on again last night – got 4 rows into it…ugh….rip….try again….I think its a total mental block on YO’s. I see beautiful shawls all over the ‘net, but apparently I just can’t do it. But I sat there looking at the pattern (which says “will I be able to finish this? The answer is a resounding YES!”) and decided that its just knit and purl and I can do this (after all, the pattern says I can!).

So I cast on again…and I have…

I can’t believe it! How nice is this? 15 rows! Now I have to figure out the rest of the pattern (“continue as established” – ok…..), but I’m starting to build my confidence. The yarn is Silk City Bounce, and needles are size 7. I imagine I’ll have to switch to circular eventually, but thought straights were easier to start. The pattern is St. Seraphina’s Simply Stunning Lace Shawl.

I also finished my Sample Seaman Scarf in Kramer’s Summit Hill (see previous post). This is really nice yarn – I may just have to go get some for the stash for a sweater for Andrew. Its machine wash, so he will be able to wear it next year at college and I won’t have to worry that he will shrink it. And I do think I’ll also buy enough to make the afghan. Love this yarn!

The pattern was nice – good for when you are stressed out – easy but not too boring. I’m thinking of making a matching hat – just need to figure out how to translate the pattern to a hat. Then I’ll put it aside for Christmas for someone.

Still working on the Fair Isle and Cable and Rib socks, but I have to say I’m looking forward to getting both done. Funny how some patterns just drag out..

Well, off to do a few more rows on the shawl.


4 Responses to Finally!

  1. lobstah says:

    Nice job on getting the shawl started! Isn’t that a great feeling?

  2. Pat K says:

    I looked up the shawl, and promptly fell in love with it. I can’t wait to see how yours comes out.

  3. Shawls are to the summer what scarves are to the winter, right?
    I do a straight rectangular wrap with the k1 yo k2together repeat. It makes a nice wholey pattern.

  4. JoanM says:

    Thought I’ssay hi from another “Jeanne” I wish that was my spelling. Keep on going with the shawl. I love lace, and the challenge of it, so do keep it up.

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