Rainy Saturday

Today is really a nasty day – its cold and rainy and a good day to spend indoors finishing up the various projects that I have. But of course, I didn’t do that – I went out with a friend to two local yarn stores. I didn’t buy much, but love what I did get.

The first store we went to was Kraemer’s in Nazareth, PA. Kraemer’s manufacturers their own yarn, and the store sells both that as well as other brands. I’ve used several of the Kramer yarns and tend to like them. And of course, its nice to support a local mill. I do like Kramer’s – I probably go there more than any other yarn store – good prices, good yarn and really nice people.

Today I was wandering around just looking at the yarn and came across Summit Hill. They had a afghan made up in it, and it was beautiful. Basically a feather and fan design, the afghan was just beautiful and so soft and next thing you know, I’m asking about a pattern. I finished an afghan for my son earlier this year and swore that I would never ever …ever…do another one again. It seemed to take forever, and by the end of it, I was so sick of it that I had to force myself to work on it (in fact, I did two of the borders and two still haven’t been done – but I gave it to him and try to convince myself that only two borders is a new design feature).

But Summit Hill is so nice – 100% superwash wool. They didn’t have enough yarn in the color I wanted, so they special ordered it for me. But were nice enough to give me the pattern now. The salesperson gave me another free pattern for a sample Seaman scarf she made up with the Summit Hill, so I did buy one ball to make it. Not sure why I’m so attracted to red right now – normally I’m more blues and greens, but lately I just like really bright colors.

I cast on for the scarf as soon as I got home – its really cute (please ignore the cat hair!) – sort of mindless knitting which I needed after my initial attempt at a lace shawl. I’m on the first pattern of six total, and its a fast knit. I love this yarn – its wonderful to knit with and I highly recommend it. Although I really didn’t plan on knitting another afghan in this lifetime, I do think I’m going to with this yarn. Sure it might take 100 years, but it will be wonderful when it gets done.

I also took advantage of the SYAC “free day” to pick up some Trekking XXL sock yarn. I know, I know, I was really trying not to buy any at all, but I just couldn’t resist. But I was pretty proud that it was only one ball. I love Trekking and just couldn’t resist the colors in this:

I did get needles to cast on for the St. Seraphina Knits Simply Stunning Lace Shawl. I tried starting the other night, and the needles I had just didn’t work (kept on falling out). I did cast on for it when I got home today, but immediately messed it up. I decided that I need to take a small break and readjust my attitude – I’m becoming convinced that even an easy lace shawl is beyond me (although the pattern states that anyone can make it…hmmmm). But I don’t want to give up because I really want to give this to someone as a gift.

I joined the Spring Feet swap at the Sock Yarn Addicts club, and just got notified about who my pal is. I’m going to look through the stash and see if I have anything I want to knit up for her. I also am going to start the Sixth Sense socks from the Six Sox Knitalong. I did finish the first of my Cable and Rib socks, and am coming down the foot in the second Fair Isle, so I should be ready to start a new pair next weekend. I have never knit for someone I didn’t know, so I’m a bit nervous. But I think it will be fun, and I hope to get them done way in advance of the June deadline.

Finally, I have to admit that I am a huge procrastinator. Really. Huge. And I hate finishing sweaters. Really. Hate it. So want to see how bad I am?

This is a box with my summer clothes in it. I knit this cotton top last year – never put it together. I put it in with my summer clothes so I didn’t have to look at it all winter. I totally forgot about it – so I was really surprised when I opened the box. I am determined to put it together now – its made from Sirdar Spree cotton yarn (pattern is the one on the right), and I do like it. So I’m going to do it – finally put it together this week….well….maybe by the end of May….maybe I can bribe my sister into doing it? Wonder what she’s doing this week…

Have a good weekend!


2 Responses to Rainy Saturday

  1. Allena says:

    OMG i love the kraemer yarns! my LYS here carries them and i always like buying yarn spun in my state! today i got some tatamy tweed.( 45% cotton and 55% Acrylic) for my DD i did not however use my free day and resisted the wonderful sock yarn! it was hard though!!!
    sounds like you had a good day!

  2. knittyref says:

    I totally understand why you picked up the Trekking. I got it as this month’s sock yarn club selection, and it’s all I can do not to cast on. Worth every bit of your free day.

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