Some projects…

are just not destined to be completed. A month ago I frogged the 6 inches of the Sock Memories Shawl because I had made too many mistakes and didn’t like the way it looked. This weekend, I cast on the 131 stiches and started. Finished the border – and started the pattern. Ugh. Ended up with 135 stiches. Frogged back a few rows. Started again. This time I had 128 stiches. Ugh. Frogged back, did it again – ended up with 131 – and but just hated the way the pattern looked. I decided that this was an omen – I just wasn’t meant to make the shawl. So out it came.

I really do want to make something out of this yarn, but then I remembered that I had some Silk City Bounce that I bought on Elann last year. Its a cotton/nylon blend, fingering weight. I had a lot of it. The color is perfect for the person I want to make this shawl for. I have 2200 yards of it – more than enough for a shawl. This is really red!

I looked in Folk Shawls, but didn’t see anything for this weight yarn. Looked on the net and finally found these – ordered them from One Fine Yarn:

HeartStrings Crest of the Wave Lace Scarf
Fibertrends Flower Basket Shawl
St. Seraphina Knits Simply Stunning Lace Shawl
HeartStrings Maple Leaves Scarf

I’m not sure which one I’ll make, but I really like the Crest of the Wave and the Flower Basket. Both call for fingering weight. I really hope that I have better luck with this pattern and yarn. I figure I’ll use the Knit Picks yarn that I bought for the Sock Memories shawl for one of the other patterns. Can’t wait for them to come!

In other news:

I went to the spinning group last night; had a great time…except my wheel broke (grrr!). One of the pegs that holds the wheel in place came out – no idea where it is. I don’t think this is a good traveling wheel – everytime I put it in my car something happens. Think I’ll be looking for a good wheel when I’m at Maryland next month. But the spinning was fun, and I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I’m going to see a friend, Linda, on Saturday for a yarn crawl and lunch. Not sure where we are heading, but I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t been in a yarn store in a while so I’m sure it will be fun – will be very hard to resist buying sock yarn though! Shopping for yarn with a friend is always nice, eh?

Finally – Andrew picked his school! Come next fall, Andrew will be student at the University of Maryland! I’m not saying this choice was fate….but Andrew has loved turtles since he’s been a little boy, and must have 100 turtles all over his room. We are very proud of him, and are excited that he’s going to the school that was his top pick. Go Andrew!


2 Responses to Some projects…

  1. knittyref says:

    Love that Maple Leaves scarf pattern. I’ve been trolling around for a pattern for some yarn from my SP. It would look fabulous in that.

  2. Finally someone like me who frogs almost as much as she knits…I thought i was alone here…

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