More Spinning

I had another spining lesson today with Carol from Serenity Alpacas – had a great time. Carol gave me different roving to spin with – Cotswold, Wensleydale and some other wools that I can’t remember. This is the Wensleydale – beautiful stuff. Carol gave me a small sample to take home and spin of it – I think I’ll see if I can find more to buy. This is beautiful stuff – the sheen on it is amazing. Very long fiber, but it was fun to spin.

I learned how to Navajo Ply; I had read about this, but seeing and doing it was a lot easier that I expected. OK, so not perfect, but its a start!

I even learned how to card; we blended two wools, and although I can’t see wanting to do this all the time, I may just have to get some hand cards (just in case of course!).

After my lesson, Carol took me to see her alpacas. And was nice enough not to comment on my whipping out my camera and taking some pictures! They are really cute – much smaller than I expected, and were very shy. I did pet one (a bit nervously!). Beautiful animals though – their eyes are huge – and so are their teeth! (They are getting their teeth trimmed when they get shorn next month).

Carol gave me a bunch of samples to spin; she is really the nicest person. I got llama, camel, Corriedale, Icelandic Batt, Wool/Mohair, Black Welsh Mountain…..I can’t wait to try them all. The best thing was the Carol invited me to come to her spinning group! I’m very excited – its once a month, and the next one is Monday. I was really happy to be asked; I think being around other spinners will really help me get better. So expect some pictures of my spinning – I hate to show much of what I’ve done so far since its …well….not ready for prime time.

The other day I read a post on Jersey Knitter – it was a comment that people in NJ orient themselves by a particular highway. Then I read somewhere else about how people in NJ identify themselves to other people by where they live off by another highway. Then Mason/Dixon posted something on the “smell of NJ”. Hmm….I know there are a lot of NJ jokes, and people think that the entire state is just like what they see when they land at the airport. I’m normally not sensitive about things like this, but it really made me think about how people have this misconception about the state. These highways (and smells!) are just a small part of the state – I don’t orient myself by a highway – I don’t live anywhere near them. So I thought I’d show you a picture of my NJ – this is where I live. No highway, no oil refineries, and the only smell is fresh air, flowers and country.

Finally, last but not least, Happy Birthday, Larry!

Have a nice weekend!


One Response to More Spinning

  1. margene says:

    You live in a beautiful place. Alpaca faces are some of the cutest on earth, eh?

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