I really like Sundays. I commute pretty far (65 miles each way) to my job so I hate going anywhere on the weekend. But errands and chores must be done so I try to get everything done on Saturday. Sundays are better – the only thing I have to do is grocery shop, and my husband and I have a routine where we do it Sunday morning. So Sunday afternoon is always free, and I usually spend it knitting and listening to podcasts on my iPod (I have great husband – he bought me the iPod for Christmas).

Today I listened to a new podcast – Its a Purl, Man. Its done by Guido who lives in Massachusetts, and I really enjoyed it. I really like the knitting podcasts that are out there for the variety – they are all so different. I try to listen to them all at least once; I like some better than others, and have to admit some just aren’t to my taste so I don’t download them again. But Guido’s is pretty good, and I’ll download it again in the future. This week he spoke about the knitting groups he belongs to. I belong to a knitting group – I actually started it in January on I really wanted to knit with a group, but most of the ones near where I live are during the week or just too far away. So I started one on Meetup, and its going well. I really enjoy the experience of knitting with other people. I mentioned this to my mother, who has knit for years and years, and she’s never done this, and couldn’t really see the point. But I do like going to my group – I love seeing what they are working on; its really varied among the group. And everyone is pretty friendly; we are still getting acquainted but each time we meet it gets easier to talk. Its interesting to watch over people knit; although we all knit “English” none of us does it quite the same way.

I finished my Cable and Rib socks just a few minutes ago…

Yarn: Koigu KPPM – I can’t find the colorway, but its green with subtle blue. Looks much more green in person than it does in this picture.
Needles: US1
Pattern: Nancy Bush Cable and Rib (Interweave Fall 05) – but I changed the heel and toe

I really like these socks; I actually made them for my husband, and really regret telling him because I want to keep them for me. I keep on telling him they are too girly for him, but he’s not buying it. Drat!

Finally, for the Sock Addicts knitalong, I had to count my sock yarn stash. I did that yesterday – oy! I have 52 skeins/balls of yarn. Enough for 26 projects. Hmmm..I would have guessed I had half of that. I actually forgot I had some – once I started pulling it out of my various baskets of yarn, I couldn’t believe how much I had and what I forgot I had. Jeez….made me feel just a little guilty about the yarn I’m waiting for in the mail! Just a little – not enough to cancel the orders or anything drastic like that! I’ll post a picture of my stash on 4/1 when the knitalong starts. Now that I’m done the Cable and Rib socks, though, I’m considering what to do next. I know I said I’m doing the fair-isle, but I’m traveling on business this week, so maybe an easy sock would be better. Wendy had a nice feather and fan pattern on her site…maybe I’ll do that.

OK, I’m off to look through the stash….leaving you with a picture of my kitten Nala. Cute, eh?


One Response to Sundays….

  1. Laura says:

    Jeanne, thanks for your comment on my blog about Backyard Leaves. Do not be intimidated! It is much easier than it appears from the chart. It was my first real lace project and I had no trouble with it. And it is really fun. 🙂

    Nice rib and cable socks. That is a fantastic pattern — I’ve been thinking about making another pair myself. Have you seen Carola’s blog, Sheep and No City? She’s made about six pairs of them!

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